Big, Really Big, New Year

EV master developer CMLC, kicks off 2015 with a look at the exciting year ahead

2014 was a year chock-full of milestones for East Village. Significant projects like the St. Patrick’s Bridge, the Elbow River Traverse, the Fort Calgary Sentinels and 5th Street Square were all crossed off the to-do list. But if 2014 was a big year for East Village, 2015 is already proving to be even bigger. Way, way bigger, actually. Just how much excitement can be squeezed into one year? Quite a lot, it turns out.

EV’s first new condominium towers, Fuse in Embassy BOSA’S Evolution and FIRST, from developers FRAM+Slokker, will open their doors in 2015, welcoming upwards of 800 new villagers into their sparkling fresh digs. Expect the purchase of house-warming gifts to spike dramatically in the coming year.

In addition to arranging furniture and hanging pictures, EV’s newest residents will have a lot of neighbourhood to explore. A newly revitalized St. Patrick’s Island will be open for play in the summer. Just a short walk over the St. Patrick’s Bridge – the celebrated new “skipping stone” bridge, itself a destination – awaits a stunning backyard playground. The 31-acre island offers plenty of room to stretch your legs, with meandering pathways, a seasonal breach for wading in the summer, and some breathtaking views from atop the island’s Rise. With performance spaces, sun deck, amphitheatre and lots of room for farmers’ markets and food trucks, SPI offers something for everyone and every season.

2015 is also the year that local gastronomists have been salivating over, as the newly restored Simmons building opens to the public. Elevated to heights of deliciousness by the epicurean tenant group of Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, Charbar and Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters, the former mattress factory is guaranteed to become a favourite destination of foodies everywhere. Opened up to allow in natural light and spectacular views of the Bow River – and boasting a rooftop patio that offers stunning panoramic vistas over the water and island – the historic Simmons building may just turn RiverWalk™ into RiverEat.

With the recent announcement of our new development partner, Cidex Developments Ltd, Calgary renters really have something big to cheer about in 2015. The construction of a 28-storey residential rental complex on the southeast corner of 7 Ave. and 5 St. SE will bring the first new rental accommodations to the neighbourhood. Built by Calgary-based developer CIDEX Developments Ltd, the 221-unit building will offer family-friendly three-bedroom apartments, with child care services close at hand. Families renting suites in the new building will have everything they need within walking distance.

RiverWalk, St. Patrick’s Island Park, the New Central Library, National Music Centre, an urban shopping centre, new restaurants and more: now, that’s the kind of village you want to raise a child in. And, for that matter, their parents.