Arts & Culture

Art and culture are literally built-in to East Village – both were an integral part of the master plan that has guided the development of EV since 2009. Today, with a New Central Library under construction and Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre open, major public art installations throughout the neighbourhood, and a revitalized Fort Calgary emerging, art and culture are making East Village a destination for every Calgarian.

New Central Library

The NCL, designed to be Calgary's leading library for the next century, is forward-looking and functional from the ground up.

Snøhetta of Oslo/New York and Calgary’s DIALOG have designed an iconic building that will rise over the C-Train line into four open, futuristic stories of space that will accommodate the ever-changing needs of Calgarians.

Studio Bell, Home of the National Music Centre

Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre, links Calgary’s musical past with its entertainment future, amplifying the love, sharing and understanding of music as it goes.

Designed by Allied Works Architects of Portland, Oregon, Studio Bell is imagined as a living instrument, a destination and a new kind of cultural institution. 

Fort Calgary

Fort Calgary is our neighbour to the east, and East Villagers couldn’t be happier to have a unique combination of historical passion and 40 acres of open space on their doorstep – a true luxury in the heart of the city.

Public Art Program

Public art does more than introduce colour and visual interest into an area; it both flavours and reflects the very vibe of the neighbourhood.

Public art, besides being a City of Calgary policy, has always been an integral part of the EV Master Plan.

Reconciliation Bridge Program

Show your true colours on EV’s Reconciliation Bridge.

The 100-year-old Reconciliation Bridge in East Village is lit with thousands of LED lights that change with the seasons and in honour of holidays and events. Now you can choose the colours you’d like to see on this brilliant gateway to East Village.